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Our background

We have long been involved in state of the art websites, webshops, mobile applications and related digital marketing. Our goal has always been to provide the fullest possible services, so our activities included the creation of wireframes and other sketches, as well as graphic design, programming and testing.

Problem recognition

Based on our decades of experience, we have concluded that despite the fact that the design follows current trends, the website works quickly and in a user-friendly way, it is worth nothing if our client cannot provide us with the right quality and quantity of content.

The idea

That is why we have launched Tasquitos freelance marketplace. We can help you find freelancers who are experienced with content creation and digital marketing to get a high quality online presence.

Mission statement

To provide rewarding and enjoyable work experience for freelancers and clients through continuous development of a trusted brand based on operational experience, user feedback and industry trends.