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Words to influence, impact, and move YOUR clients. You just watch...

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Hi, I’m George, a copywriter and content writer.

I’ll write your website copy and landing page so you earn 1-5% traffic and engagement and sales in one day.

In one week, it’ll be 5-20%.

In a month or a year, it could go more than 50%.


Why me?

✅ Ambassador of consciousness.

✅ Unparalleled resilience.

✅ Incredible Odysseus-like experiences that most people can’t even begin to comprehend.

✅ Ironclad sense of duty. My word is my bond.

✅ Ever-growing copywriting skillset.

Your radar won’t locate a more conscientious copywriter with such a diverse background: Images; hard-earned life lessons; friends scattered around the globe; sorrows; joys; dreams tossed apart and dreams come true; ungratefulness/gratefulness; bitter-sweet scenarios; multi-cultural mindset; life-long learner; job experiences reservoir.

This falls onto your head (and business) now.


> lace your website copy and blog with raw emotion, practicality, crispiness, and spices;

> cook your email marketing so you keep your audience warmed up;

> ghost-write your LinkedIn posts so you focus on your business, and watch your account grow.

> impregnate your landing page with the right words so you promote your product to the world fearlessly.


You may expect miracles from others — or from me — but you won’t find the Wizard of Oz out there.

I’m a copywriter.

That means a hardworking marketer and a little bit of words scientist. Not a fiction writer waiting to get inspired but a researcher and thoughts organizer. Not a guesser, but a process follower. Not a time waster for you, but an evergreen investment.

Remember, even Diego Maradona angered people from time to time.

Even Nobel-prizer authors come up with crap.

And even copywriting legend David Ogilvy spitted out: “I am a lousy copywriter, but I am a good editor. So I go to work editing my own draft.”

So beware! Anyone who promises miracles is fake.

Talented? Yes.

Skillful? Yes

Harry Potter? No.

👉 Either way, in me you’ll have an honest/professional/trusted business partner who’ll treat you with respect, never ignore your emails and will say ‘thank yous’ for the project.

And if you want more than that, listen to this:

I ‘specialise’ in life (ever heard of Odysseus?), self/personal development, relationships and businesses (from a human perspective).


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