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3 brand-new blog posts to build your authority


3 Blog Posts

Good writing is the foundation for all brands, so let me ask you: do you have (enough) time to churn out content?

The right words make a difference in your marketing. Move, inspire, and inform your audience, and you’ll get them heading to you.

If you write your own blog posts, well done. If not, outsource them to a content writer who writes day in and day out. Because that’s their job.

Reach out now to plan out your blogging strategy with SEO-friendly and thought-provoking posts; make it happen and watch your blog grow.

Why do you have to pay?

Your biggest goal with a blog is probably to warm up people, get engagements, reactions, converted leads, or something that benefits your audience.

So they gain benefits, right? This is the whole point then: your audience’s benefits.

What are you offering to them? Why should they engage with your business and your blog?

You don’t have to offer them a million dollars. It doesn’t have to be huge. The benefit could be a eureka moment, a solution, an inspiration, a feeling they aren’t alone, hope…

Whatever it is, you need to offer a snippet of value to complete the interaction. So the best content is mutually beneficial.

And you should aim to deliver more goods than you receive so your readers feel like they got the best part of the bargain.

Benefits of regular blogging:

1. Building trust with your clients.

2. Humanising your brand.

3. Turning prospects (humans) into customers.

4. Solid and powerful online expansion.

5. Increased Google visibility.

6. Solid social media policy.

7. Establishing authority in your field.


The baseline price of $350 includes:

-three 500-word blog posts

-initial consultation


-attention-grabbing headline

-SEO optimisation

-1 royalty-free image

-relevant internal links (where possible)

-outline, rough intro


-supplemental research


-edit draft

-updating over email

-delivery of the service

-discussions and recommendations


$250 for one 1,000-word blog post

including all the above

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