Resurrect your LinkedIn in 30 days with 8 fresh posts



Success is not a limited commodity.

It’s about building relationships, growing communities of like-minded humans and connecting people.

50% of people are more likely to buy from you if they follow you online, so you want to give them a reason to follow you.

Whether short (like Napoleon Bonaparte – short but powerful) or long (like Amazon river), your LinkedIn posts are judged on their substance, not length.

When you — a business owner, a CEO, or a small business — do your LinkedIn the right way, the ROI is on the up.


LinkedIn isn’t an automated marketplace or a money-making machine. You need to help and feed the goose to generate leads in the long run. You need to show up consistently. To build a tribe. To build trust. To use it as a bridge to your business.

Be aware that people will follow your account because they want to keep in touch, form connections and dive into interactions. A follow or a connection is a soft subscription similar to an email sign-up.

So if you put out good content, it’ll will spread virus-like as people engage with it.

People want to sound smart online so they take good care of what type of content they share, like, or engage with. Try to make your content personal-worthy then, and give them more reasons to follow you. says brands risk losing 38% of customers because of poor personalisation efforts. And 38% of customers will stop doing business with a company if they find personalisation efforts to be creepy.

LinkedIn is currently the best business platform for you to multiply 1000x your odds of sounding warm, human, and trusted organisation/entrepreneur.


Business owners lack time to cook warm-up and nutritional posts. They have to kill:

  • days scrutinising ideal clients/leads…
  • days coming up with a list of relevant and catchy ideas…
  • hours crafting juicy and enticing posts.

So if you’re an expert in your industry but an introvert business owner — who craves LinkedIn growth but has no time, desire, or the confidence to post daily — your introvert self will feel heard and seen with every comment, like, save or share you’ll get from your posts.

You’ll know that you nourish a community, your community, that supports you and inspires you to do better.

By posting quality content consistently, you’ll end up cementing a thought-leader profile and building an audience that’s eager to read more from you.

And buy from you.

Or work with you.


It’s going to be an uphill journey, with ups and downs. Some days are joy, some aren’t. It takes an iron hand persistence and consistency to nurture a community on LinkedIn. Only when you refuse to give up on what matters most to you, you’ll record tangible growth.

You may be asking, ‘what should I write about?’

This is where the fun begins: you have no excuse, literally, not to post something on LinkedIn.

Do you talk all day to people? I’m sure you do. And what do you talk about? Politics? Football? New king? Energy prices? What do we cook for dinner? Work gossip? Weather? Business? Family? Kids’ school? Dark spots in your nose? Russian wars? Space wars?

You do have something to say, so you have ideas splashing around your mind. Why don’t you create something out of the blue? Something you experienced and talked about today? Technically, you’ve got no excuse.

Remember also that opportunities come to those who take them; nobody knows enough until they get started. And the road to 14,500 followers starts always with 1 person.


To start off posting isn’t a joke. And sticking ruthlessly to it is even harder. But if you do them in tandem, you’ll get intrigued and want to invest in them.

Therefore, if you want to:

  1. stand out (unbelievably more lurkers than active content creators)
  2. cement yourself as a thought leader
  3. allure freelance clients without trying
  4. share knowledge and expertise (secret sauce of growth)
  5. build a personal brand
  6. multiply your odds of career growth
  7. build a community (connections)
  8. attract qualified leads (business growth)

you have to start yesterday, because the 850 m registered LinkedIn members in August 2022 are fast approaching the critical point of 1 bn. And you certainly want to be well positioned until then.


It’s freaking exhausting to keep pumping out new content every day. Coming up with new ideas and massaging them into posts.

When you’re a solopreneur, a 2-man new start-up, or a family-run business, it’s kinda excruciating. There’s a reason why big brands have whole content creation teams in place; the boss can’t think about everything, he needs help.

So there’s a smarter way to approach this if you seriously crave online visibility. I call it: ping me, I’ll listen to you carefully, and I’ll do your LinkedIn for you.


Basic: $350

Strategy Set-Up with 8 posts per month.

Medium: $800

Strategy Set-Up with 16 posts per month, new banner, profile & About section optimisation, engaging with key decision makers, comments, and daily account maintenance.

Advanced: £1300

Strategy Set-Up with 30 posts per month, new banner, profile & About section optimisation, engaging with key decision makers, comments, and daily account maintenance.


All packages include:

-initial one-hour consultation/call, transcription, brainstorming, setting up strategy

-researching relevant industry, trends, competitors

-updating over email, text, Linkedin DMs, etc.

-writing/producing posts (header, main body, round of, call to action/comment, hashtags)

-monthly or bi-monthly strategy discussions/suggestions/post ideas

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