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Social Media Manager and Content Creator


ey! My name is Badr and I’m here to help you make social media fun, with thoughtful strategies, quality and creative content that attracts and engages your ideal audience! 😉

Do you find social media time consuming?

You may have created an account, but then it got worse because you didn’t know what/how to post?

You may have tried to do it yourself, but can’t keep up with consistent posting while also running your business?

Or maybe you’ve heard that video is the next big thing, but don’t have the time/interest to sit down and create one for your business?

Either way, I’ll take the weight off your shoulders so you can focus on doing what only you can do!

I have been working with social media since 2018, I am very organized, creative mind and love everything about it.

I love to help my clients come up with new ideas and ultimately save time in their days, so they can either spend more time running their actual business or spend it with their families.

With the help of my small but strong team, I can serve each of my clients to the best of my ability, giving them every personal attention, while making sure we follow the latest strategies and best practices for their unique brands.

And YOU can be NEXT! Some of the services I offer:

✅ Social media strategy

✅ Social media management

✅ Content creation

✅ Email marketing

✅ Video editing

✅ Website setup & redesign

Ready to be less stressed & busy and more productive? Wanna see how we can work together? Feel free to reach out, I’d love to hear about your business! 😊

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